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In the cold winter of 1998, a sound engineer named Jim Stephens went to the flea market and came home with a pile of 78's and thought it would be fun to restore them. Well, it WAS fun, and Deep Sky Audio was born. Little did I realize it was the beginning of what would be a a 20-year journey.

It was based on a simple philosophy. Best in sound, best in service, in whatever medium was provided, from albums to wire recordings to Dictaphone belts and Soundscribers. Perfect is close enough. And that's what I provided for two decades.

Now that I have reached retirement age, I will be passing the Deep Sky reins over to the very capable John Onda, from whom you can expect the same level of perfection and attention to detail.

Thank you, dear customers and friends. It was you, not me, that made Deep Sky the success it was.

Very best regards,

Jim Stephens
Deep Sky Audio