LP transfer and mastering samples -
believe your ears.

These are rather large files, and will take a few minutes to download on slow connections. We apologize for that, but we promise you it's worth the wait! Just right-click on Saturn and choose "save file as" for later playback. The higher the fidelity of your equipment, the more you'll appreciate these files.

  Us and Them
A picture disc in dreadful condition, as transferred by someone else, and as transferred by Deep Sky.
Here's the LP transfer from another "professional". Fine if you enjoy AM radio, but we prefer things like bandwidth and soundstage, thank you.
Very impressive website, but their transfer still sounds like a record, while ours sounds like master tape. Notice that their turntable is off-pitch.
This 45-year-old LP was unbearable to listen to before restoration.
This album was so warped that the needle wouldn't even stay in the groove. The warp is that "thumping" sound you hear.
The album the cat dragged in.
  High Fidelity
This sample compares the beautifully-mastered CD release of Brian Wilson's SMILE to our LP transfer of the same title. Which is which?
Here again, we compare the official record company CD release to our LP transfer of the same title. Which do you like better?