Since we work with so many different types of recordings, our price list is rather long.
Please take a moment to scroll down, and you'll find what you're looking for. Thanks!

Return shipping costs are not included in our prices, and postage is calculated by package weight and zip code. We use US Priority Mail for most orders, and economical Media Mail for large heavy orders such as boxes full of reel tapes. There is no per-order "handling fee", but we do charge for new packaging materials if the original packaging cannot be re-used to ship your order back to you. You may elect not to have the original records returned to you with your new CD's. That would save on return shipping costs. Payment is not required when you send an order. We request payment only when your order has been completed.

Discounts are available for multiple albums or cassettes in the same order. If you have an extremely large project, please e-mail us for your large project estimate.

Downloads are available. Instead of a normal CD, you can download your order from our server in either mp3 or lossless format.

CD-A $20.00
Artist, title, and track information
will be printed onto the CD.

CD-B $28.00
Same as CD-A, with
printed album covers.

L CD COPIES - CD-A, $6.00 each. CD-B, $8.00 each.

45 RPM singles, or single tracks from albums -

$5.00 per track for singles or single-track compilation CD's, includes audio remastering. 45EP album sets are priced at $6.00 per side. $12.50 per CD and $20.00 minimum order.

Standard Commercial 78's (shellacs)

Decca, Columbia, Brunswick, Victor, Pathe, etc. Price includes restoration, $20.00 minimum order cost. Prices are for 78's in good condition. Slightly higher for records in terrible condition, and much higher for broken records.

10-inch 78 RPM discs, $8.00 per side
12-inch 78 RPM discs, $10.00 per side

Home made Disc Recordings (acetates)

Labels such as Audiodisc, Duo Disc, Silvertone, Recordio, Voice-O-Graph, etc.

Home-made disc recordings vary in size from little cardboard records to album-length discs, and in quality from acceptable to dreadful. Because of this wide variation, we can't pre-price acetate discs. The cost depends entirely on the recording, and can range from $10.00 per side up to $30.00 per side for a large disc in poor condition. If you like, we can provide you with an estimate before beginning work.

Standard Cassettes -
Up to 60 minute tapes - $20.00 with restoration.
90 or 120 minute tapes - $35.00 with restoration. (Requires 2 CD's.)
8-tracks - $25.00 each
Repairs - $10.00 - $20.00, depending on repair needed.
$12.50 minimum per tape regardless of length.

Microcassettes - $25.00 to $40.00 depending on length. Please note that we can do MICRO cassettes, not MINI cassettes.

Reel Tapes
We are often asked "How much are reel tapes?" The answer is, we don't know! We don't know the tape speed, number of tracks, arrangement of tracks, contents of the tape, how many times it will break, and so on. There is just no way of knowing what a reel will cost until it's here and playing on the machine, because only then will we know what will be needed for restoration. Reels are priced according to the length and condition of the recording, and the cost is $20.00 per hour for GOOD tape, with bad tapes costing more. The minimum cost for any one single reel is $12.50, and for any one single order, $20.00.

Train Wreck - Some tape recordings are absolute nightmares to restore, and such tapes are priced on a per-case basis. Constant separating of old splices, tape keeps breaking, tape flipped upside down, 3 different speeds on the same tape, incessant start/stop noises, absolutely horrid recording quality, etc. We sincerely hope you don't have a tape like this, but if you do, don't despair. We can recover it, it'll just cost a bit more.

Pancakes are reels of tape without reels. We can work with pancakes for an additional $5 per reel.


Tape Baking - We will bake tapes when needed. Tape baking is $20.00 for the first reel, and $15.00 for each additional reel sent in the same order.

Wire Recordings

$40.00 for one spool, $35 per spool for each additional spool in the same order.
Includes transfer and audio restoration. We do everything to make the wires sound as good as possible, including editing and equalization. Prices are for a full 1-hour spool. Price will be higher if we encounter problems during playback such as snarls, breaks, etc., and lower for shorter-length spools.

Dictaphone Machine Belts - $25.00 for the first belt, $20.00 per belt thereafter, transferred and restored.

Soundscriber discs - $10.00 - $12.00 per side in good condition. Slightly more in poor condition.

Other Recordings - If what you have isn't listed, just ask us about it. If we don't have the equipment to play it, we're engineers. We'll build it!