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We didn't write this page; our customers did!

"When I sat down to listen to the 3 CDs one by one, I was totally blown away! The sound was phenomenal, to put it MILDLY. Several months ago, I had sent the same 3 LPs to (another company) for restoration and transfer. I even subscribed to their so-called "professional"  service, which cost me north of $100 per LP!! And, in all honesty I'll tell that your transfer, which cost me a fraction of a fraction of what the "professional" transfer cost me, is light years ahead of their work! I guess this is another reason I was so awestruck sitting here on the chair and listening to the music. I just couldn't believe the magic. For the first time in 26 years I'm hearing these songs in the same glory I heard them on the LPs back in the day. Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for a wonderful job!"
M.P. - Rochester, NY

"I'm sitting here in tears as I listen to my mother play the piano over 50 years ago. I didn't think those records could even be played, let alone sound like this. You are truly a master of your craft. I thank God I sent them to you instead of (other place)."
M.M. - Kingwood, TX

"WOW! You did a fantastic job! I can't believe you were able to get that much tonal range while suppressing the background noise. I haven't listened to the record in years but do recall it was very poor quality. You must have some great equipment and software to be able to get this good results. I am sure glad I knew just enough to know when to go to a true professional. It was worth every penny!. My mother sounded just as I remember her playing when I was a kid. My brother will be thrilled when he hears it."
P.S. - San Diego, CA

"I received the CDs and yesterday reviewed them all. I am very pleased with the results and am happy with my decision to have your company digitalize the thirty Recordio records. As you know, I only had a partial digital recovery from (other place), but you were able to save practically every record in its entirety. It was well worth the expense. And thank you again for your responsiveness, courtesy and professional competence."
P. W. - Genoa, NY

"Your communication is every bit as good as your audio restoration. I wish all audio restoration guys prided themselves in their work as well as their customer/client service. I've been a client of two and never had anything to compare with the positive experience I am having now."
M.C. - Virginia Beach, VA

"It took me over 20 years to hunt down a 45 that my step father recorded back in the 50's. Honestly, I didn't believe this actually existed. Finally I found it and being only one of a handful produced, I need to find a service I could trust. After a careful search, I decided on Deep Sky Audio and I'm so glad I did. EXCEEDED my expectations in terms of sound, speed and dedication to ensuring the original record was returned to me safely."
D.K. - Maple Grove, MN

"Thank you. It sounds fantastic. I listened to the original CD recorded from the 78's at a local studio here and then your version from the same 78's. The difference is truly amazing. Your studio did an incredible job of making history come alive."
W.M. - Cleveland, OH

"Got the package and the CD's and...YUP! I'M THRILLED!! Everything was GREAT, and you were right, about the sound being as good or better than commercial ones!!! Thanks so much!!!"
C.T. - Geigertown, PA

"The CD and the original tape, and everything, the service and the kindness you showed me, was more than I ever could have hoped for. I thank you very much. You do a great job and please feel free to use me as a reference. If I ever need your type of expertise again, I'll be definitely contacting you."
K.B. - Saratoga, NY

"I just wanted to say thank-you for the excellent work and quick service. From my original email inquiry about your company and costs to notifying me about the status of my order you provided me with prompt and helpful customer service information and that was much appreciated. Even more important - I listened to the CD's and they sounded great - I expected much worse because the albums had a lot of play on them - especially some songs. You did a great job on the restoration and I know the CD's will get a lot of play. I appreciated the excellent restoration work and customer service and I won't hesistate to use Deep Sky Audio again or recommend you to a friend or family member in the future."
J.F. - St. Louis, MO

"Sorry I have not written back but I been way too busy listening to your remastering. AMAZING! Oh - thanks to you my friends are calling me a liar as none of them believe that that sound came from my LP collection. Thanks for this masterpiece of a restoration!"
L.F. - Los Angeles, CA

"Just want to let you know how pleased I am with the job you guys did on my records. They really sound great. They were in horrible shape, but now I can hear my Dad play. Thank you so much. I'd also like to say it was a pleasure doing business with your company.
D.V. - Brick, NJ

"I'm frankly amazed at the quality you were able to produce from tape that hasn't likely seen the light of day in almost forty years.Your service was excellent. Your advice and communication with me was superb. I'm extremely pleased with your service, and will remember you when I need it again."
R.A. - St. Joseph, MO

"You did a fabulous job on a very diverse set of recordings. Even the jewel case art is wonderful-- you clearly take every aspect of your work seriously and pay attention to detail."
G.Z. - Sea Cliff, NY

"The CDs arrived Wednesday afternoon and they were everything I could have hoped for. Beautiful job! Everything was most professional (as it should be, of course), and I've already listened to the CDs more since they came than I listened to their 45 counterparts in the previous 15 years."
L.G. - Alexandria, VA

"We have picked up the CDs and played them. You worked miracles considering the condition of the records. Thank you so much. We will be enjoying these for many years to come."
S.P. - Lima, OH

"I just received the CD and all I can say is, "WOW!" This is fantastic! It's better than I remember the album when it was first issued. The clarity of the music is remarkable."
R.B. Woodstock, GA

"I received my CD's yesterday and I must admit the quality was outstanding. Good job!!"
M.K. - Baton Rouge, LA

"Thank you very much for the CD. It is great! I am sending you five more wires. You did a wonderful job. I can hardly wait for the rest of my family to hear the CD."
J.H. - Doylestown, OH

"I've had a chance to listen to the 3 Polka CD's and offer my compliments on a job well done.They are far more enjoyable to listen to without the various forms of noise that I experienced with the original 78's."
R.T. - Thurmont, MD

"I just wanted to write you letting you know that I did receive the transferred René Kollo CD. You truly did an amazing job. I am more than pleased with the service you provided."
M.T. - Poway, CA

"I just wanted to commend you guys on your service.You have excellent customer service and the quality of my transfer is great, way beyond my expectations.
J.M. - Portland, OR

"I just got home and popped the first cd in and WOW! Excellent job with incredible turn around time. The phrase that comes to mind is, "Worth every penny."
T.K. Rahway, NJ

"Got the CD's today. Awesome! Not only did you do some pretty amazing work with the sound, the graphics look great! Thanks for some very impressive work!"
P.R. Ormond Beach, FL

"Hello Deep Sky Audio; Your company is unbelievable, a million thanks. I intend to turn as many people as possible on to what is a perfect product, service, and in my case a perfect gift idea!"
H.O. Doylestown, PA

And that's just a few.

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