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Don't listen to what we say, listen to what we do!

Actions speak louder than words, so here are some examples of our work.
These are just ordinary mp3 files, available by clicking on the planet.

Corina mp3A typical "45" from the 1950's, before and after.
Bad reel tape mp3A reel of tape in very deteriorated condition, from a radio station archive project. A total wreck, it would not even play after baking.
78 RPM mp378 RPM disc - Harvard Glee Club, 1949, before and after restoration.
Old reel tape mp3This reel of tape was stored in a barrel outdoors in Louisiana for 20 years. There was nothing left of this reel but brown spaghetti, the sound is a bit wobbly.
Voice letter mp3The condition of this cardboard WW II "voice letter" was dismal, yet even from this we were able to recover the audio. You can click here to see the actual record.
Wire recording mp3Wire recording from around 1950. The fidelity of our solid-state wire playback system can't be matched by any vintage tube-powered wire recorder.
Cheap cassette mp3Combine a cheap cassette recorder with 3-for-a-dollar tape and you end up with this. We can get them sounding better, here's one example.
Yellow disc mp3Remember those little yellow kiddie 78's from the 1950's? They were terrible even new. But they can usually be restored. Do you recognize early Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice from the Grinch?