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Do you do video tapes?

No. Rather than be a "Jack of all trades, master of none" we chose to be the master of one...sound recordings. It's all we do. And it's why we do it better.

Is this safe?
Absolutely. Of the literally thousands of orders we have received over the years, only three records have ever broken en route, and that was due to faulty packing. We found replacements for all of them.
I'd still rather not mail my records. Can I bring them in person?
Of course. Just e-mail us to set up a studio visit.
Is this legal?
Yes. The RIAA "fair use act" states that you can make copies of any recording that you own for non-commercial use. We must limit the number of CD's of copyrighted material we can provide, though.
Do I need to send payment along with my records?
No, we do not require payment in advance. However, we might ask for a deposit on mammoth, gargantuan projects that will tie up studio resources for a very long time.
How long does it take?
Our usual turnaround time is 2-3 days, depending on studio load and the size of the project. Orders are prioritized by size, smallest first. That way one 45 won't have to wait for 30 reels of tape, etc.
Do you send my original recordings back when you make the new CD's?
Always. Unless, of course, you don't want them back due to shipping costs, taking up too much space, etc.
What if my CD get lost or broken?
We archive and retain jobs such as acetates or wires so that they can be replaced in the event of future loss. This is important because sometimes the original can only be played once.