Why choose Deep Sky?

We're not just another Johnny-Come-Lately with a turntable and a website. We've been restoring vintage sound recordings since 1998, and with literally thousands of transfers under our belt, we know albums, and we know every trick in the book (plus a few that aren't) to get the most from them. Some claim to "specialize" in LP transfers, but we work with every kind of groove ever cut since they started cutting grooves. Who would know more about LP transfers?

Our CD's sound like CD's.

Producing a master-quality CD from vinyl takes so much more than just spinning a record and running it through a "sound cleaner". It requires an engineer's trained ear, state-of-the-art digital restoration and mastering tools, and taking the time to listen, analyze, scrutinize, and fine-tune the many restoration steps needed to bring out the very best in every album. And that's exactly the way we do things here at Deep Sky. From a Broadway musical to a beat-up children's record, the care we take shows in every CD we make. It's not unusual to spend as much time on restoration and mastering as it did to play the album in the first place. Our LP remasters are even used as commercial CD releases when the original master tapes have been lost. Let us show you what we mean - click here for LP samples.

Our CD's look like CD's.

Our album transfers can also include jewel cases made from full-color high-resolution album cover scans. We'll even make fold-out jewel case inserts for albums with heavy graphics. We use the best-quality archive grade CD's available, and also print directly onto the CD, avoiding the stick-on labels which can shorten the life of your investment.

When you send your album to Deep Sky, you get back a CD that sounds better, looks nicer, and lasts longer. And we work just as cheaply as those "bargain" services. We don't play follow the leader, we are the leader. But don't just take our word for it, you can take it from our customers. After all, we didn't write that "comments" page - they did!

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